Sunday, 14 November 2010

Artisans Spotlight - Fyne Silver

The Emporium is all about finding one-of-a-kind gifts - gifts you couldn't possibly find in a supermarket or chain shop. Nothing is bought from a catalogue and all our suppliers are talented crafters primarily from the UK.

A great example of one of our talented team is Lynne of Fyne Silver. Lynne lives on the shores of Loch Fyne, Scotland, and loves to beachcomb. She picks up little pieces of what she finds - shells, ceramic, glass and other treasures, then combines them with enamel and 925 silver to create truly one-of-a-kind gifts! (We arn't joking - each of her bracelets is a true treasure and she truly can't make two the same!)

Hand made gifts from The Emporium

Frosted sea glass is another feature of her works, cleaned and protected to create pieces that are rustic yet refined.

Hand made gifts from The Emporium

Her mussel shell earrings are a real favourite - we sold out of these days after listing them in the shop. Luckily, Lynne is making more for us to arrive by the 1st December - plenty of time for a unique Christmas gift.

My favourites, however, are the ceramic earrings. These delicate little pieces hang gracefully from sterling silver earwires and are very feminine and delicate - don't worry, the ceramic has been carefully enamelled, protecting them from any harm.

Hand made gifts from The Emporium