Friday, 29 April 2011

Celebrating with The Emporium

The Emporium would like to congratulate William and Kate on their wedding today - wishing them a long and happy life together and hoping they can snatch as much normality as possible, with it.

If you have a celebration coming up, be it a wedding (Royal or otherwise), anniversary or even just a party 'just because', why not use our stunning Champagne Gel Wax Candles?

Each glass is carefully filled with hand poured gel wax, coloured to mimic the exact tint of a glass of bubbly champagne. As the candle burns it releases a gentle, gorgeous scent with the gel wax projecting light and colour through the glass.

This candle is scented of a light, citrus blend - refreshing without being sticky.

Each candle will burn for up to 65 hours - allowing for plenty of dinner parties, romantic meals or general use!

If you require a larger order of our candles, please don't hesitate in contacting us!

In addition, we have some amazing wine candles - perfect for dinner parties!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

So What IS The Emporium?

Today I am going to try my best at explaining exactly what we do and why that is - it's a tricky one, as we do things a little differently than the majority of the big handmade gifts sites on-line, but we like our reasons!

Mission Statement:
We strive to seek out the best in quality hand-made items from skilled artisans, making it easy for you to find perfect, unique gifts.

Our mission is the ethical treatment of our suppliers to ensure that these artisans receive the appropriate reward for their talents.

Our artisans are primarily from the UK, with a passion for creating true craft and treasures.

For our customers, we want to offer quality items that are unique and customised to their tastes.

That's our ethos - when I started The Emporium I wanted to have a strong, ethical base. We are supported by The Princes Trust (Prince Charles' charity here in the UK) which means we are encouraged to put back in what we get out of the business and support each other. It's basically made up of four parts:

1. Quality
Rebecca (that's me) find the best in UK handmade crafts. She spends hours on Folksy, Etsy, Facebook and craft forums basically having a good nose about. She attends local events and fairs, chatting and seeing what is hot and what is... not.
If she finds a crafter she loves who is different, driven and makes gorgeous and quality pieces she will contact them and ask if they want to join The Emporium. Once products arrive, they are double-checked to ensure that they are perfect, then put onto the site.

2. Uniqueness
Because we are a small shop, run just by one person and without a 'bricks and mortar' base, we keep things small, cosy and personal. Uniqueness is very important to us - we love finding new and exciting crafts and things we've never seen before - way before the high street shops spot them and pump out horrible mass-produced 'adaptations'. When you buy from The Emporium you are buying a unique, handmade treasure.

3. Crafter Reward
One of the things that annoys Rebecca is the increase of crafting sites that seem to be there just to make money off the crafters selling - for example, a site may charge a crafter to join the site and have their own page, then charge them to list an item (and each time they list an item) then charge them a percentage when it sells. We don't do this - all our crafters are either paid at a fair wholesale price, or on a one-fee sale or return basis once the item has sold. If an item doesn't sell, it is sent back with our apologies. We want our crafters to receive regular orders through us, through our ever-growing loyal customer base - and not have to fight with hundreds of other crafters on crowded sites just to get a look-in!

4. Presentation and Personalisation
We believe that all gifts should be perfectly packaged with a personal touch. All our orders are carefully packed and labelled, double checked for quality. Our gift wrapping and gift boxing service is second to none - we offer a basic wrap or gift box, right up to a luxury wrap with satin ribbon and beautiful handmade gift tags, with several themes to choose from! (Just let us know if it is for a boy, or girl, for your Mum or the special occasion and we will wrap it to match - even hand-write the tag, if required). Because we keep all our stock here at base, we can check for consistent quality and maintain a high standard of service, with many orders shipped within 24 hours.

That's what we do - quality, ethical, handmade gift ideas direct to your door with a personal touch! But don't take my word for it - visit our Testimonials page for feedback from our customers and take a look at The Emporium, today either by clicking on any of the text links, or an image on this page.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Perfect and Unique Spring and Summer Bags!

The sun is shining and the birds are tweeting (and so am I, at @emporiumoundle - drop me a line) so it's time to dust off those dresses and slip on the sandals!

If you are like me, you'll have a sensible winter bag - leather, brown and dull. Now the flowers are in bloom you'll need a light, beautiful bag to match!

Liz creates these gorgeous handmade bags from her creative textiles studio in Cambridgeshire. She designs and makes all her accessories and bags surrounded by beautiful fabrics and inspirational ideas, using the best quality cottons and linens and lovely prints from the best designers, here in Great Britain and abroad.

We have a beautiful selection of Liz's bags available in a range of sizes, styles and patterns, all created with amazing care and quality - why not take a look by clicking on one of the photos or visiting The Emporium today?