Monday, 26 September 2011

Swordweaver Armoury - Stunning Titanium Jewellery

We pride ourselves at finding the very best in stunning, unique jewellery and gift ideas - with the amazing titanium jewellery by Jane and Julian of Swordweaver Armoury a fantastic example of this.

Above is "Little Blue", a unique titanium collar that makes a bold and beautiful statement.

And here we have a striking bangle in a mix of gorgeous colours.

But what is Titanium and why use it in jewellery? Well, it's a light-weight, incredibly strong metal with some amazing properties. Very tricky to work with, but with a little persuasion it can be persuaded to take on many colours of the rainbow, which is how these amazing coloured pieces are created.

Jane and Julian have a passion for creating colour with titanium when the titanium is anodised. There are two ways of doing this, either with heat or by placing the item in a slightly alkaline bath and passing a current through the water. Either way, an oxide layer is formed on the surface of the metal and this acts like a prism. Different voltages – or temperatures- create different thicknesses of oxide, so different prisms. Light passes through the oxide layer, is split, bounces back and you see colour. Different colours, according to the thickness of the layer.

Because the titanium is polished and the oxide layer is itself reflective, sometimes you can get a sort of double bounce. The effect of that is that you’ll see two or even three different colours, depending on the angle from which you view the item of jewellery. (The bi-phasic or tri-phasic effect).
The real skill is in controlling this, knowing how to create different shades and different bi-phasic and tri-phasic effects.

Titanium jewellery by Swordweaver Armoury is truly unique and one of a kind and we offer a range of beautiful contempory jewellery options on our website, in whichever set of gorgeous colours you desire.

Titanium is non-reactive, light, resists all corrosion and will not react to the oils from our skin (perfect if like me your skin stains if you wear certain metals). 45% lighter than steel but just as strong, titanium jewellery is sturdy and light as well as absolutely stunning - why not see for yourself on the website by clicking any of the pictures or visiting : The Emporium at

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Adoorable Ark - Handcrafted Animals Made With Love

Denise crafts these gorgeous fabric animals with love and care from her home in Lincolnshire.

Each friendly little creature is unique - handstitched and designed individually to make the perfect one-of-a-kind gift for someone special.

From cuddly sock creatures suitable for anyone over three to plush animals with motivational poems, she creates sturdy and soft new friends.

You can even name some of them, for that truly bespoke touch.
Visit her shop page on the Emporium to see more of her lovely creations by clicking on any of the images or by visiting :
Free postage and packing to the UK is included in the price of all her creations, too.

Or, see more of our gorgeous UK handmade gift ideas and treats at The Emporium main site at :