Sunday, 13 February 2011

On Craft Fairs and Lulls

I hate this time of year, I really do.
It's dark, it's cold and everyone is still eyeing their bank statements after Christmas - especially in this Dreaded Recession.

So, being a crafting person at this time is tough.
Without a big event like Christmas, Mothers Day etc, it can be hard to justify going handmade - after all, it's often a bit pricier.

I had a lovely craft fair yesterday with Merge Contemporary Craft Fairs. We mostly had the candles out, as they are lovely little gifts and great fun to sniff and see in person - but it was very slow on sales. We had loads of people in, and Zoe was fantastic about going into town and herding people into the fair, but people just were not buying.

However, all the crafters involved were still smiling, still cheery and making jokes and still being enthusiastic and dedicated to their product - repeating their spiel, answering questions and giving up their Saturday to entertain people with their crafts, all without a complaint.

Do you get that level of warmth and service when you pop into Tescos for a gift and card? Do you know who made your last gift? Do you know what they used, where they got the inspiration from and where they live? No - it's factory-made. And dull with it.