Saturday, 24 March 2012

Wedding Favour Candles - A Unique Memento of Your Special Day for Guests!

Crafted by hand from start to finish, these wedding favour candles are created using the purest wax blends and finest scent oils to create a crisp, clean burning candle with unique fragrances.

Handmade in very limited amounts in Oundle, a market town in the East of England, each candle contains UK-made ingredients, from the wax blends (mixed to create the cleanest and most eco-friendly burn) to the wicks (cotton to minimise smoke) luxury scent oils and vivid colours.

Best of all, you can choose the exact colours and scents of your wedding favours to match them to your wedding theme - from a classic white favour in a crisp clean linen scent, to a dazzling red in vibrant cherry

Each favour comes with a custom label featuring the names of the couple and the date of the wedding, embellished with a simple illustration to match the theme of the wedding or whatever you desire - for example hearts, flowers or vintage scrollwork. This makes them a lovely memento for your guests.

Finally, they are placed in a satin cord organza bag in matching colours and a little tag (which can either feature the name of the couple and date or the name of the intended recipient) - ready to gift to your guest.

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