Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Featured in WomansWork

Had some fantastic news that we are featured in the July issue of WomansWork!

WomansWork is a monthly one-stop resource for women. Providing support and help for startups, the self-employed, those wishing to get back into employment or facing redundancy, established businesswomen, mums in business and social enterprises in the Norfolk, Suffolk, Bedfordshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Buckinghamshire areas.

They have a lovely website at : which I strongly recommend you take a look at - and join up! The newsletters are packed full of great info, articles, tips and contacts (and us!).

A direct download to view the issue we are in is here : - but take some time and look around their main site if you can - it's a fab resource.

Huge thanks to Lesley for featuring us - hopefully we can make loads of new friends and contacts! The also have a facebook at : Womans Work Facebook (click me)
Our facebook can be found at (click me!)
Give us both a 'like' and join in!

Monday, 27 June 2011

New Fyne Silver Beach Ceramic Earrings

Lynne creates beautiful pieces from her small studio on the picturesque shores of Loch Fyne, Argyll, Scotland.
All the pieces are either made using sterling silver, sea glass, pebbles, ceramic and shells that she finds on the shore or are inspired by the shapes, colours and textures of the shore and the loch.

From seaglass to sea shells, she creates amazing pieces from them, which are light and easy to wear.

We are excited to announce we have some brand new completely unique earrings from her - she usually only creates her beach ceramic earrings in blues of pinks (the easier colours to find) but in her recent beachcomb has found a gorgeous range of new colours! Each pair of earrings is truly one of a kind, the only ones with that pattern.

Treat someone special or yourself with a truly unique piece of jewellery from Fyne Silver by clicking on any of the photos to go to her page or by visiting .

Monday, 20 June 2011

Visit us at the Peterborough Heritage Festival This Weekend!

This weekend is the Peterborough Heritage Festival! Every year I like to go - there are re-enactors from every era, great food, great crafts, a period market, real ale, mock battles - it's fab and set in the grounds of the amazing Peterborough Cathedral.

This year they are featuring a crafts tent full of local handmade crafters and their goods! A whole host of us will be there, including Yuri and her origami, myself, Daintylittletreausures and TillyRose plus loads more.

From 10am Saturday til 5pm Sunday pop in to see my lovely range of hand painted glassware and candles (although if you are going to be at the festival and want to have something else from the site, just let me know and I will pack it up and bring it for pick-up!)

Should be a fab weekend - I'll see you all there!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Fabulous Feather Earrings Full of Character!

Feather earrings are hot this year - with celebrities rocking the bright, light look of feathers swishing from their ears. Buying feather earrings on the high street can be tricky and may not be as natural as you think - plus when you are making a statement with your feather earrings you don't want the same ones as everyone else!

We have a gorgeous range of handmade, eco-friendly feather earrings by Stilltree - with each pair completely unique from the last.

From light, white and fluffy to shimmering peacock feathers, these feather earrings are a real eye-catcher. They are mounted on sterling silver earwires, making them light, sturdy and gentle on the ears.

From blue feather earrings to orange feather earrings - from green to a whole range of gorgeous shades, there is a pair of handmade feather earrings for you at The Emporium. And first class shipping to anywhere in UK is completely free!

Come take a look at our gorgeous feather earrings by clicking on any of the links or pictures in this blog, or by visiting ! We have a huge range of unique, UK handmade gifts available, plus handmade cards and gorgeous giftwrapping, too!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Beat the Drizzly Weather Blues and jump into the bath with one of our irresistable new bath treats!

On a dark, drizzly day like today you need a bit of a treat! Luckily, Ceri of Oakwood Soaperie has just delivered a fantastic box of gorgeously scented handmade soaps, bath bombs, bath melts and gorgeous new bath bubble bars!

These bars are handmade by Ceri in the UK, using as many natural ingredients as she can, and avoiding artificial fragrances and colours. The bubbles are created by the fizzing action of the sodium bicarbonate and supported by the foaming action of the coconut derived natural surfactants.

We at The Emporium have been thoroughly testing them, of course, finding the bubbles and scents to be simply amazing - a real foamy treat! Each bar lasts for two baths, simply just break it in half and save one end for another drizzly day (if you can wait that long!)

We have four unique bubble bars in stock (click the names to go see them directly!):

Cherry Blossom Bubble Bar
: This gently colours the bath water and fragrances it with Cherry Blossom, an intensely feminine floral blend of iris harmonised by jasmine, rose, lily of the valley and freesia on a base of powdery iris, musk, precious woods and crystal amber. It is also enriched with Sweet Almond Oil to moisturise your skin as you bathe.

Orange Blossom Bubble Bar: This gently colours the bath water and fragrances it with Orange Blossom If you like neroli essential oil, you’ll love our orange blossom fragrance. A refreshing fragrance opening with fresh petitgrain-neroli top note supported by a rich orange blossom body with hints of coriander, celery, clary sage and mandarin on a woody base which blends beautifully with my Earl Grey Tea soap as the fragrances both contain Neroli. It is also enriched with Sweet Almond Oil to moisturise your skin as you bathe.

Sweet Pea Bubble Bar: This gently colours the bath water and fragrances it with a Sweet Pea blend which is the same blend as in my Sweet Pea soap. Delicate violet leaf and crushed green grasses with touches of bergamot, rosewater, and jasmine. The base contains hints of iris and gentle amber, exotic patchouli and sweet musk It is also enriched with Sweet Almond Oil to moisturise your skin as you bathe.

and my favourite

Violet Femme Bubble Bar: This gently colours the bath water and fragrances it with Violet. A traditional floral with top notes of violet and freesia, supported by a bouquet of carnation, muguet and rose on a base of gentle woods. If you like parma violets, you will LOVE this! It is also enriched with Sweet Almond Oil to moisturise your skin as you bathe.

Treat yourself or someone special with a gorgeous natural bath to remember! Visit our website by clicking any of the photos in this post or via : If you would like us to wrap or gift box some of Ceris lovely handmade treats for a special gift, that is no problem, too! Just let us know via one of the contact methods on our website (if you leave a phone number and the best time to call, we will ring you back), or talk to us live with our one to one live chat feature or by ringing (UK) 07715 609294. All our payments are processed quickly and securely via Paypal, with orders processed and shipped within a working day.