Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Artisans Spotlight - GelDLights

We are proud to do a regular small piece on our artisans, their latest work and, of course, how you can have their beautiful creations in your own home. It seemed right for the first post to be about GelDLights, or LeeAnna, an artisan whose works in part inspired me to start The Emporium!

Today I had the great pleasure of unwrapping a wondrous parcel of her creations.

Hand made, gel wax candles, each individually poured, scented and sculpted to create a truly amazing and original piece each time.

From the wax 'biscuit' base, through the vanillary main pillar and then topped with an amazing topping of sweet wax 'chocolate' chips, wax sauces or shining wax fruits, these candles smell and look absolutely amazing - the scent changes as the wax does, with these votives lasting 12 hours in total.

We are proud to have a selection of her candles, including larger centerpiece candles, available here in The Emporium. We also accept custom orders for parties, special occassions and weddings, crafted exactly to your requirements.

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