Saturday, 26 March 2011

Pamper Mum for Mother's Day

Next Sunday (3rd of April) is Mother's Day! Here at The Emporium we love our Mums, so have collected some amazing UK handmade pamper treats, soaps and gift ideas we know she will love and deserves - here are our top tips for the ones you need to make her feel special! :

1. Chuck out that slimy bar of supermarket soap!

Supermarket soaps can be great value, but they are packed with preservatives, artificial colours, scents and god-knows-what to make it have a long shelf life. (Not to mention some contain palm oil, which is the cause of massive deforestation of the rainforest to plant!)


Lovely handmade soaps by Ceri of Oakwood Soaperie are packed full of goodness! All her soaps are handmade at home in small batches using the 'cold process' method and only use the finest oils, butters, Northumbrian honey & beeswax (provided by her Dad, a bee keeper for over 25 years), natural clays, botanicals, essential oils and blended fragrances. The soaps are cured for a minimum of 4 weeks to ensure they are in tip top condition when they are sold.
They use no animal products, so are completely vegetarian and most of them are also vegan, the only guinea pigs they are tested on are human.

2. Make A Splash With a Naturally Indulgent Bath

Most Mums love a long relaxing soak in the bath - but is she getting the best deal for her skin with her bath treats?

Our handmade Cocoa Butter Dream Bath Bombs smell divinely vanilla’y - not an artificial, sweet, melted ice cream sort of vanilla, but rather a smoky, pure Tahitian vanilla bean fragrance. To make it even more delectable, These bath bombs are also packed with cocoa butter (a by product of chocolate making) to give a hint of real chocolaty creaminess and superior moisturisation.

Or, if she prefers a slow melt, try a Vanilla Delight Bath Melt packed full of plant butters and oils to nourish your skin, fragranced with essential oils of Rose Geranium and vanilla. Drop into a running bath, climb in and let the nutritious oils feed your skin with vitamins and minerals. No need for a moisturiser after one of these luxury melts as the oils sink in to your warm skin and provide all the moisture it could need.

3. Pick A Handmade Gift Box Packed Full Of Favourites

Can't choose from our gorgeous range by Ceri? (It's hard - from scents like Peppermint and Poppy to Chocolate Truffle, she crafts it!) Why not take a look at our gorgeous gift boxes packed full of treats by Ceri. With bath bombs, melts, soaps, lip balms, scrubs and body butters Mum will be amazed at the scents and treats on offer.

In short, for Mother's Day Gifts that are truly special, visit The Emporium - we also have a gorgeous range of UK handmade jewellery, candles and cards that Mum will love, too.

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