Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Amazing Offers in our Summer Sale!

We are holding a big Summer Sale of all our favourite Summery things!
(Why not do it now instead of later when Summer is over? Seems silly to us!)

From lovely summery hair ribbons to swishing feather earrings to keep you cool this Summer, we are holding a big event to make sure you get the best deals.

Every day we will be having a VERY special offer, along with all the other sale items on our Summer Sale page!
You can keep track of the special offer either on facebook at : http://www.facebook.com/EmporiumOundle
or follow us on Twitter @emporiumoundle

Todays special is our Natural Bubbles Handmade Soaps!

The vision of Natural Bubbles is to make good quality products using only the finest oils and fragranced with essential oils, not only giving their products wonderful scents but also giving beneficial properties to the skin.

We are pleased to say that not only is every soap made using these very pure ingredients, but they also use no palm oil, as they believe in helping to protect the rain forests of Malaysia and the natural habitats of orangutans.

They totally oppose the use of animal testing. It isn't easy to find cruelty free products, so they have taken this opportunity to produce their very own range of pure soaps.

All soaps are suitable for both vegans and vegetarians!

Don't forget - you can put our handmade candles, soaps and gifts somewhere safe (a nice dark, cool place is best) and save them for Christmas presents, saving yourself a fair few quid!

Click any of the images above to go to The Emporium website and see for yourself, or click this link : http://www.theemporiumoundle.com/categories/Summer-Sale!/ to go directly to the Summer Sale page!

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