Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Add Some Festive Warmth With Our Handmade Luxury Candles

Here at The Emporium we love scents - from the varied scents of our unique candles to the luxury blends of essential oils found in the creations of Ceri of Oakwood Soaperie.

We believe every home should smell great, without using artificial plastic-ey air fresheners, so we've created a new range of highly scented candles in quality stylish glassware.

Above is our fresh and clean "Sunwashed Linen" candle. Floral and crisp, it smells of washing straight from the line on a sunny day. With the lid off, or when lit, it will lightly scent your room. But all our candles in glass also come with a solid lid, so you can control the scent when unlit, too.

The containers for these candles can be washed out and used again as lovely modern storage jars - they look great in the kitchen.

Finally, they also come completely gift boxed as shown - making them a lovely little gift.

We completely handmake these candles to order so you get the freshest scent possible.
Find them at The Emporium website at : http://www.theemporiumoundle.com/
Or click any of the images to go directly to the Emporium Candles page.

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