Monday, 15 August 2011

Natural Gift Bags for Eco-Friendly and Cost Effective Gift Sets

Here at The Emporium we care about the environment and our impact, so feel that using traditional card or paper gift boxes can be a bit of a waste and if we do use them they're always recycled card.

As a result we primarily offer gift options in gorgeous, eco-friendly Jute bags.
These bags are fantastic for the environment, they look lovely and they
can be used again and again as a bag, too.

Jute bags are made from a completely natural fibre, woven to create this lovely, rustic look.
This fibre is completely bio-degradable, making them very environmentally friendly

Our jute gift bags offer a eco-friendly, natural alternative to synthetic bags -
they really are a "bag for life!"

Take a look at some of our gift bags today on the Gift Sets section of the website - just click any of the images on this post to go there.
Our gift sets start at just £10 each, so are an affordable way of treating someone special.

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